Why Every Man Should See a Therapist

While women are often the ones who seek therapy, typically making up nearly two-thirds of therapy patients, multiple studies have shown that men benefit more from the process. But men rarely seek therapy because they just don’t like the idea of opening up to a stranger and sharing their feelings.Therapy, then, isn’t a very naturally masculine process. But I want...[ read more ]

What is Somatic Psychotherapy and is it Right for You?

Somatic therapy is a unique form of therapy that focuses on the mind-body connection to bring about holistic change. Using both psychotherapy and physical therapies, somatic therapy can help a person release pent-up tension that is negatively impacting their physical and emotional wellbeing.The theory behind this type of therapy is that past mental and emotional trauma disrupts our automatic nervous...[ read more ]

3 Steps to Self-Compassion

“God, you can be so stupid sometimes.”“Why would he be attracted to YOU?”“You’re just going to screw this up.”These are things you would probably never say to another human being unless you’re a real jerk. But how many of us have that inner critic that says these kinds of things all the time.Most of us treat ourselves far more harshly...[ read more ]

How to Deal with Loneliness Around Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. For many people that means celebrating with their spouse or partner and showing them extra love and attention. But for others, Valentine’s Day is a sad reminder that they are single or are perhaps grieving the recent loss of their significant other.If you are celebrating it alone this year, here are a few...[ read more ]

Can Marriage Counseling Really Help Your Relationship?

When I first started my practice, I remember reading a statistic about divorce that I found shocking. And that was that 40-50% of all marriages in the United States ended in divorce.According to recent surveys, however, the divorce rate in the U.S. fell by 18% between 2008 and 2016. While everyone has their theory as to why the rate is...[ read more ]

5 Warning Signs It’s Time to Try Couples Counseling

When you first fell in love, you could never imagine that someday the sound of your partner chewing could make you want to scream. It’s inevitable that once we are out of our honeymoon phase and reality sets in, we realize that all relationships take work and compromise. But while some couples may hit bumps in the road every so...[ read more ]

What Happens in Sex Therapy?

Talking about your sexual issues with a complete stranger can be the most awkward, freeing conversation you’ll ever have. Luckily, that stranger can be a licensed, trained professional who can help you resolve your struggles during a session sex therapy. What is Sex Therapy? Sex therapy is just like regular psychotherapy with a therapist, except that a sex therapist often...[ read more ]

What Causes Perfectionism Anxiety?

There’s nothing wrong with high standards or excellence, but sometimes perfectionism can cause you anxiety. When you constantly feel like you can’t meet your expectations or the expectations of those around you perfectly, you’re bound to feel some discomfort. Let’s learn how to recognize perfectionism anxiety, what causes it, and how to overcome it. What is Perfectionism Anxiety? We’ve all...[ read more ]

When Therapy Isn’t Working

Sometimes therapy can be just plain frustrating. You go in with this idea that you’ll figure out how to deal with your emotions better or you’ll know what to do to fix your relationships, but you’re just not covering the ground you thought you would. Why isn’t therapy working? When therapy isn’t working, don’t quit on it. Therapy can change...[ read more ]

Preparing and Protecting Youth (and Marriages) from Pornography

Subject: Preparing and Protecting Youth (and Marriages) from Pornography - Online Class Summary: Preparing and Protecting Youth (and Marriages) from Pornography and Navigating Masturbation: Effective tools, skills, and approaches to self-mastery (CBT). This online class is much more than a warning about the dangers of pornography and general insights. You will learn from Daniel Burgess LMFT, effective and specific approaches...[ read more ]

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